Monday, December 10, 2018

'I'm Drifting Back To Dreamland' 24x36

'I'd Climb The Highest Mountain' 22x36

'My Blue Heaven' 16x30

'Bluebird of Happiness' 36x42

'When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain' 24x42

'A Dance From Long Ago' 28x36

'I Can't Give You Anything But Love' 20x36

'My Heart Stood Still' 20x36

'Oh, Come To The Sea' 24x40

'I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm' 20x36

'You Belong To My Heart' 20x36

'If You Were The Only Girl' 24x42

'You Are My Sunshine' 12x24

'Somewhere, My Love' 20x36

'Always In My Heart' 20x36

'The Great Adventure' 16x30

'Give Me This Mountain' 16x24

'Nocturne' 18x36

'Over The Waves' 22x36

'Bring Your Broken Heart To Me' 22x40

'Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams' 24x40

'The Land That We Love' 12x24

'Paradise' 24x42

'Beautiful Dreamer' 24x42

'Winter Tales' 24x42

'Orchids in the Moonlight' 24x48

'I Only Have Eyes For You' 24x42

'In My Dreams' 24x42

'Beyond The Summit' 24x42

'None But The Lonely Heart' 24x42

'Rural Rhythm' 24x72 diptych

'Love Makes The World Go Around' 36x40 triptych

'I'm Sitting On Top of the World' 24x42

'Love Me and the World is Me' 28x48

'I'm In The Mood For Love' 18x50

'Growing Up Is Learning To Say Good-bye' 12x24

'Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere' 28x42

"Til We Meet Again' 24x42

'Beyond The Sea' 24x72 diptych

'I Love To Tell A Story' 28x42

'Little Fish In A Big Pond' 12x24

'Beautiful Dreamer' 12x24

'Dream Lover' 12x24

'One Promise Come True' 16x38

'Trust My Dream' 12x24

'Urban Rhythm' 14x30

'Til We Meet Again' 18x20

'That Wild Black Engine' 12x24

'Sweetheart Of My Dreams' 16x28